Teddy's story

 Let us fulfill the dream of a wonderful husband, Father, son, brother, friend and man who fights for only one – to be healthy!!!
Let us show that good exists and together we are stronger!!!
To help means to donate hope!!!
Believe it, it is not easy for us to ask for help, but it is about the life of a young man who is fighting “unidentified thrombocytopenia” – decreased platelet count. In the absence of these cells, blood is not clotting.
We ask you, read the story of Theodore Ivanov Gospodinov 35 years old from stara zagora, meet her more people to help him live the fullest!

In the summer of 2016, after a rest of the sea began to appear blue spots on the body. It was directed to an infectious ward in stara zagora for a review. In the studies carried out, the samples were negative and transferred to haematology to hospital stara zagora. By 09.2016, he was treated there.
IN 10.2016, he was placed at the National Centre of haematology in the “Bedbug” GR Sofia, to specify the diagnosis.
In a biopsy, initial damage to bone marrow functions and treatment with corticosteroid therapy has been established.
After Nearly 2 years of corticosteroids that uvreždaha other organs and addiction the body to them, it had to be 24 07.2018 g. Removal of the spleen to prolong the life of platelets produced precisely there. After Spelektomiâta, their number reached 900, and in treatment with urbazon in these years, it reached maximum to 80.
It began to maintain temperature, decrease in platelets., intake of antibiotics, assumption of pneumonia, which was rejected in consequence.
Followed a consultation with the tokuda hospital, gr. Sofia and the discharge of the medicine medicine to replace the intake of corticosteroids.
On 01.11.2018, after severe abdominal pain, surgeons discovered a clot that necrotized the thin intestine and had to remove a large portion of them.
After 10 days in drug coma doctors managed to stabilize his condition, but alas for short.
He was released on 05.12. 2018 with atrophied muscles on the limbs and 23.12.2018. again accepted him by emergency, with low levels of haemoglobin and platelets. In Blood tests, haemoglobin and platelets levels were very low. These indicators characterised internal bleeding
10 days doctors denied that there was one despite the claims of our consulting on the phone specialists from Sofia.
On 31. 12 2018 G. He collapsed in the hands of his loved ones and urgently moved him to resuscitation. Due to excessive bleeding, a new lifesaving operation took place on 03.01.2019
The doctors weren’t sure that teddy would survive surgical intervention because of constant platelet platelets, haemoglobin levels, low blood pressure and rapid pulse.
The long hour lifesaving operation ended successfully thanks to the professional experience of the team and the strong will of teddy to live
We stayed in the hope that everything bad was already past and the bleeding was controlled.
A day later, he started bleeding again, and once again, we organized a share of “donate blood, save human life”. that was due because of the constant blood transfusion of
We thank all the people who came forward to our call for help and continue to do it unconditionally!
From 1St November to 15 January we have provided about 100 people blood,. to whom we warmly thank!
Only for the last operation of 31.12.18 Until 11.01.19 Are Prelâti 14 537 ml. Eritrociten Koncetrat, 8730 ml. Plasma and 55 platelet units.
Because of the low number of platelets, there were multiple peripheral bleeding that imposed the placing of 3 vials.”novoseven”, of which it affected well
He was taken from resuscitation and hospitalized, but the operation is still bleeding, with drains and catheter. They’re maintaining it again with corticosteroids and ” to increase platelet count.
The last reports were sent to the Turkish clinics ” Liv hospital ” and ” Johns Hopkins medicine ” and we received offers from them. You can see the one we chose applied in an album to the page.
The amount is impossible for our family. That’s why our fundraising campaign continues.
We will not surrender and fight to the end! We strongly believe and pray every day that teddy will be fine thanks to your kindness and generosity!
We ask you, become part of the happy end of our story!
Help and share!

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